Tesla Gigafactory Texas 22 December 2020 Cyber Truck & Model Y Factory Construction Update (10:30AM)

Tesla Gigafactory Texas 22 December 2020 Cyber Truck & Model Y Factory Construction Update (10:30AM)

Gigafactory Texas on 22 December 2020! This is where the Cyber Truck and Model Y will be built!
Giga Texas was blanketed with a very heavy layer of fog (from ground level up to 325 feet) this morning, so I had to wait a few hours for it to clear. As it did clear, we get to see some really fascinating scenery as the fog rolls out to the south, revealing Giga Texas in the shining sunlight!
In this video, we also take a look back on 5-months of construction and see just how far and fast things have come! We also do a quick and friendly 5-month comparison between Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin to see how they looked at approximately the same point in time for their construction.
Finally, the big news is the roof beam that was sloped incorrectly was removed and a new column is being prepared to be installed at the correct height!

Highlights from today:
– They are installing three concrete columns in the north where our insider told us the casting machines will be … these are very similar in design as those in the south except, they are shorter. It is possible this area of the roof will be a bit lower than the steel structure which is right next to the columns. Work on footings in this area continues as well.
– The Steel structure has grown again on the south side and the north side is now a complete three sections wide with roof trusses. On the south side, this part of the steel structure is complex, with many different sub-structures. In addition, another “X-beam: section is getting ready for installation, bracketing the foundation area that was extensively reinforced earlier on. I’m wondering what this signifies
– The “Zipper Pit” is being filled with compacted dirt to ground level! This indicates as out insider has told us that this area is not casting machines after all, but where robotic assembly and welding machines will be located in the larger area known as the “Body-in-White
– The Isolation foundations continue to have fill dirt remove all traces of the former “Big Pit” and footings for columns on the east side are nearly completed. Additional rebar and form work is underway in the central isolation foundation in preparation for the final “top”.
– The concrete structure has grown by adding more columns and cross bracing and two new roof “Double-T” sections added directly over the isolation foundations. In addition, they have removed the roof beam that was attached to a column that was too short (meant for installation farther east) in order to remove this column
– Quite a bit of prefabricated concrete parts are staged on the south part of the west foundation, waiting for installation as even more parts, including more columns and roof beams that are arriving daily by truck
– The south area of the western foundation appears to have all GeoPier work completed (for now) as all the materials, equipment and vehicles have been marshalled into one parking area and all but a very small pile of gravel has been used up. The area appears to be ready for footing excavation to begin on the continued southerly direction
– The smaller steel structure looks to be gearing up for expansion work later today as a lot of materials have been stockpiled around the base and the crane was at full height
– They have moved another contractor trailer from the east side to near the powerlines, and we should expect the rest to be moved soon to the same area
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5-month look-back and Gigafactory comparisons with illustrations: 0:14 to 6:05
Drone flight footage and infographics: 6:12 to 23:12

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